Build Product
  • MVP Design

    We call it Minimum Value Product (MVP)

    When you are testing waters with your product or want to build something fast to get your company out there 'MVP design' makes sense. We build just enough value into your product such that you can gauge the user response to it, which then helps in deciding investment direction. Also, with lesser things to build you can get your product to market faster, start winning & engaging customers, and informing your roadmap with what customers really want.

  • Full UX Design

    Ok, lets build the Full Stack

    To build out the 'Full UX Design', confidence in your product should be high. This means you are ready to invest fully in the product and will build it with all the bells and whistles. Though confidence may be high, it doesn't work to drive an endless production line of features and cases without giving a chance to your customers to teach you. Our approach helps to break the releases into smaller sets to learn more from actual customer response and allowing them to engage with laddered value over time.

    Full Stack Building
  • Digital Transformation

    Transform for the new normal

    Accelerated disruption in technology, business models and customer lifestyles + behavior has created a landscape where the shelf life of products is vastly reduced. We help companies transform their products and services by bringing in new value and innovation. The nature of interactive experiences is also transformed in terms of the channels and the way customers want to now engage with businesses.

  • UX Testing

    Testing is about being Frugal

    Our experience in testing a myriad of products over the past 15+ years has taught us that companies need to learn progressively and constantly. We now test products in short bursts over a longer period such that companies get cost frugality but are progressively more informed about the user and the product over time.

  • Plug UX

    Get our Plug & Play UX team

    When companies need more flexibility in the way they want to build out the design, we provide our highly trained UX team to get directly plugged into your product and technology teams. This ensures that you get all the design support you need, with flexibility of accomplishing all types of design tasks, along with the comfort of getting the teams to work closely together.

    Get Plug

Building with Science & Metrics

Most software design work is heavily focused towards the visual quality of UI and creating production assets. Building experiences needs a lot more. We focus heavily on threading ergonomics and psychology together around business KPIs, where users experience narratives rather than screens stitched together. We grow our own techniques and practices that are specially focused towards creating successful experiences.

Business-Centric UX Design

Train Your Brain to do UX design

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It's true: UI is now a commodity skill

Start designing for Excess management

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Making Usable Design Systems

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