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Neo products & services are a leap into the future to hyper engage with customers

Neo products & services are a leap into the future to hyper engage with customers

Restructuring offering & digital selling

We help to reimagine and restructure how your company offering is connected to your customers.

Accelerated disruption in business operation processes calls for a relook at digitization as an approach to providing ease and driving conversion. It is no longer about moving offline processes to the digital channel to reduce operational costs. It's about building in the science of persuasion to influence decision making without being able to speak to the customer to gauge their needs.

A reimagined approach to providing payment solutions to small merchants moved away from worrying about their business type and size but rather focus on who they want to be. Irrespective of their origins businesses aspire to grow in many ways and need a suite of tools that help them get there.

Enabling hybrid Stores

Physical stores are in dismay as they struggle to upgrade their infrastructure to meet the fast evolving customer behavior. It always feels like they are losing in this game of catch-up. A merger with digital experiences is imminent and Hybrid stores are the future.

We help physical stores merge with digital to transform their processes into neo experiences. Our approach brings thin interactions with the customers through hyper-contextual digital services points.

Multi-channel Onboarding

Time, location, environmental influences and mental context are key for how customers are going to flow through your service. Even the first step of engaging customers and getting them signed up is often fraught with challenges as customers don't simply flow through your slick UI flow to get onboard.

You want them to do various tasks in a linear sequence but they cant or wont do everything now, or from the same device, or need someone else to do small part or end up forgetting things. Moving customers along your service journey requires a multi-channel strategy with a strong focus on real behavior than attempting to force users through a UI pipe through relentless marketing and retargeting.

Digital advisory driven sales

The new world challenge for financial advisors is to transcend the lack of direct connect with their customers and yet be able to sell to meet their targets. This is not easily solved, just with advisors taking to WhatsApp and social media to engage with their clients.

Empowering advisors with the ability to package powerful insights & recommendations with their own brand to position themselves as the expert that they really are is key. Can they decipher financial products with the certainty of historical data, remove human bias and then create portfolio transformations for their clients, sending these as interactive reports, all branded under their name and color selection.

Thin & Sharable Digital Storefronts

The era of apps is coming to an end. App fatigue is increasing, and customers will not be downloading another app with a thick set of features and navigation to engage with your service.

Businesses will need to build thin store-fronts designed for every business type, which focuses very hard on surfacing only what the customer needs. So no typical heavy navigation structure, no walkthroughs, no learning curve for new paradigms...just effective service.

Thought Leadership in practice

Companies are struggling to build competitive products with the fast changing customers. The archaic product development practices no longer work. Through strategy, roadmapping, UX, to dev builds, companies are not able to create product & service experiences that are unique and disruptive. We grow our own techniques and practices that are specially focused towards creating experiences for the fast changing normal.