Manage and Maintain
  • Agile UX

    UX design sprints plugged into your agile dev

    The way to build the design in the maintenance stage differs significantly from when a new product is being built or while going through a transformation exercise. The repeatability of the process to keep building out features is needed to support the roadmap and frequent direction changes. Our Agile UX methodology is specially structured to work like clockwork. Scoping, work allocation, sprint loading, iterations, dipsticks, and production are all refined into a time-tested process.

    Agile UX
  • Metric-Led Design

    Make huge wins on key metrics

    It is easy to churn out visually pleasing UI but then getting it to perform on business metrics is another thing. We specialized in helping businesses move the needle on key digital product metrics through applied neuroscience, ergonomics and psychology. With a focus on ethics, we guide the user to look at something or drive motivation to achieve tasks that matter to your business and add value to your customer's life.

  • Agile Research

    Be agile with regular customer insights

    The days of the heavyweight research approach is passé. Companies are slowly waking up to the value of learning constantly and in small amounts from their customers. We have crafted our agile research methodology to allow companies to run research and testing with their customers year-round and be progressively smarter. There is a strong sense in keeping an ear to the ground when your customer needs change fast and the product needs to constantly adapt.

    Agile Research
  • UX/CX Audit

    Critically assess UX challenges & opportunities

    Maintaining an established product typically does not allow the luxury to critically assess it in depth. While companies stay busy in keeping the flight in the air, we step in to provide a deep critical perspective into product strategy, value, experience blocks, product structure, information architecture, content, or any other specific area. Our expertise comes from years of helping companies across industry types assess their digital products, and to unearth shining opportunities for them to win.

    UXCX Audit Image

Never Stop Maintaining the UX

Companies are struggling to build competitive products with the fast changing customers. The archaic product development practices no longer work. We grow our own techniques and practices that are specially focused towards creating experiences for the fast changing normal.

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