Vision & Strategy

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  • Product Strategy

    Get your disruption responsive strategy

    Ideas are not enough when it comes to building winning products. Ideas need to be grounded on key opportunities within the target ecosystem, that hold significant business potential and make strategic sense from how an organization is positioned in the market. Our approach is to bring together strong assimilation of the current landscape of business model, objectives, regulatory, technology, lifestyles and then define a strategy in its context to keep winning in the future.

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  • Value Proposition Modelling

    Shape the value proposition

    A product is much more than a set of features to actual users. Shape your product into a clear proposition of value that addresses user needs and creates enough motivation to drive adoption. The shape of value then helps define the scope through journeys, features, and functionality required to support it.

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  • Product Envisioning

    Envisioning the product

    When you play around with hypothesis and planned KPIs, the view for what the product would come to be is fuzzy. Your very human stakeholders, then struggle to visualize how this product would work and get a real sense of the likelihood of success. Envisioning the product in a way that demonstrates core usage, user behavior and real-world scenarios help bring stakeholders on the same page and align the organization towards what is being built.

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  • Productization

    Moving from vision to productization

    Convert your idea or vision into a real product Define core journeys, product cases and features/ functionality that define the length and breadth of the product that will be built Throw in experience architecture as well as a planned view of product lifecycle management you then a have a clear roadmap for your product. Our approach to productization stems from aligning objectives with customer experience to key journeys that defines the product.

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  • Story Telling

    Telling your business idea story

    Making the case for a business idea, while pitching to teams, stakeholders, partners or investors is tricky. Our approach is to stitch your story into a strategic view of how it will grow, make an impact on the lives of users or drive monetization.

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Envisioning shapes the product

Companies are struggling to build competitive products with the fast changing customers. The archaic product development practices no longer work. Through strategy, roadmapping, UX, to dev builds, companies are not able to create product & service experiences that are unique and disruptive. We grow our own techniques and practices that are specially focused towards creating experiences for the fast changing normal.

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